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Interserve Air Duct Cleaning Services

318th Rd, Warehouse #3 Al Qouz 1 opp old national taxi office, Dubai 043282744 043282744
Interserv provides air duct cleaning services in Dubai to let you breath-in fresh and germ-free air in your offices, shops and apartments. Let us clean the contaminated ducts and relax while we make them usable again.
Clean air is a blessing of nature on us but the current environmental changes have transformed the way we breathe. With various elements contaminating the air we inhale in our homes, offices and shops, our air ducts and ventilation systems can help in keeping the air clean, so that we can remain disease-free.

With time, ducts and HVAC unit adopt grime, dust and dirt particles quite rapidly, in case the weather conditions are not normal in your surroundings. In the process of sucking in fresh air from outside, they also attract other elements. But, the filters and internal structure of ducts and HVAC units hold dirt elements within, and only allow the fresh air to come in. Once these dirt elements pile up, they mess up with the clean air flow of your air ducts, and hence, you may experience issues while breathing. This is when, air duct services like Interserv comes to the rescue.

Once you hire us, our crew would first inspect your home and duct lines, locate the grills and important points to initiate the process. They use industry grade cleaning products to loosen the stubborn dirt over the surface of the air duct, scrub every corner of the air ducts and HVAC unit with their special cleaning tools. After cleaning, they use blowers, to dry the surface, and when completely clean and dry, you can again begin using them.

We take into consideration safety measures, and work with a vision to derive maximum results, so as to keep your air ducts free from various types of elements. We use latest technology and analyze every component of your air duct with diligence and take apt care for eradicating all kind of dust particles that adhere to the surface with passage of time.

To avail our services, call 800-46837.
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