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Frenzy Mermaids

Warehouse 9, Al Quoz Industrial Area 2, Opp. Al Arz Bakery, Near Condor & French Bakery, Dubai +971504175574 www.frenzymermaids.com
Frenzy Mermaid is completely dedicated to developing a beautiful and safe mermaiding experience for anybody over the age of six years.
Have you envisioned swimming in glistering blue waters like an actual mermaid? Well, your wishes have been answered as Frenzy Mermaids’ exclusive tails and monofins will help you embody the nuanced characteristics and sizzling mannerisms of a life-sized mermaid. With our exquisite collections of stylish and comfortable mermaid tails, monofins and swimwear, we make your swimming experience enjoyable and memorable.

Frenzy Mermaids was born in Dubai and resonate with the idea of youthful fantasies. We believe that everyone has a right to fulfil their youthful fantasies of gliding into the water like a beautiful mermaid. However, turning this dream into reality is not an easy feat. We, at Frenzy Mermaids, are poised to fulfil this dream.

With extensive research and an expert team, Frenzy Mermaids aims to create some wonderful monofins and mermaid tails. We are dedicated to developing a beautiful and safe mermaiding experience for people of +6 age group.

When we get our customers’ feedback and hear their delightful squeal upon wearing the mermaid tail, we get immense satisfaction.

And this is what Frenzy Mermaids aims to do – to fulfil the dream and to put a smile on the face of every regular human, who grew up watching mermaid shows on TV.

We are not just creating mermaid tails, we are trying to turn regular swimming into a combination of fulfilled dreams and good relationships.

So come on board join us in our journey to make something beautiful together.
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