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Professor Al Samarrai Medical Center

Dubai Healthcare City, Al-Razi Building 64, Block-D 2nd Floor, Suit 2018 , P.O. Box: 939004, Dubai +97144233669 / +971505573565 / +971504555357 +97144233668 https://www.profalsam.com/
Professor Al Samarrai Medical Center (PSMC) is the leading medical center in the UAE for Urological, Male infertility and Kidney stone treatment.
Professor Al Samarrai Medical Center of Urology, Urosurgery, Male Infertility, and Andrology offers more diagnostics (Urinary Tract Infections, Prostatic, Bladder, Kidney Diseases and Cancer, Male Infertility, Erectile Dysfunction, additionally investigating of Gynaecological and Obstetrics Disorders). The evaluation in Urological Imaging: (Ultrasound and Colour Doppler of Testes, Kidney and Transrectal-US of Prostate and Seminal Vesicule). Evaluation in Urological laboratories with PCR based DNA tests of the prostate and semen STD infections as well as HPV infection.

Stop wasting your time and resources chasing stones to dust. The stone of your kidney with urological solutions from the world pioneer in shock wave lithotripsy (with the newest standard in lithotripsy and endoscopy).

Our vision is your future to perform fully-integrated platform of technology: Vaporization of the enlarged Prostate with the Bipolar Plasma Button Corona or with the Green Laser Vaporization.The Side of Prostate Cancer, you’re not seeing. The PSA and the PCA3 assays reveal the unique biology of the the Prostate Cancer, these tests improve the risk stratification to help guide early and radical treatments against this cancer with improved life expectancy and prognosis.

Our aim is to provide international and integrated, modern and sustainable healthcare in Diagnostic and Treatment of patients with Urological Diseases, Male Infertility, Andrology, and Sexology, and also for women with Gynaecological diseases and aging women with Pre-menopausal and Post-menopausal disorders.

Efficacy, Creativity and Innovation in Diagnostic and Treatment with excellence service internationally and with team spirit are our core value.

Email: [email protected]
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