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Dubai Cleaners

Millennium Plaza Hotel Tower, Office: 1504, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai 042706947 https://dubai-cleaners.com
Dubai Cleaner is one the largest platform to provide quality cleaning services, be it residential or commercial.
We are among the best bathroom cleaning company in Dubai offering quality part-time full-time bathroom cleaning services, residential and commercial cleaning service with great prices

Our services offered include:

House Cleaning
Office Cleaning
Maid Services
Sofa Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning
Mattress Cleaning
Pool Cleaning
Kitchen Cleaning
Water Tank Cleaning
Deep Cleaning
Sanitizing & Disinfecting
Curtain Cleaning
Car Wash
AC Cleaning
Laundry and Dry Cleaning
Window Cleaning
Commercial Cleaning
Bathroom Cleaning

E: [email protected]
bathroom cleaning

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