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Spectrum Services Cleaning & Maintenance

Office #906, Al Thuraya Telecom Tower, Al Barsha Heights, Dubai 8007274 8007274
Spectrum Maid Cleaning Services is Dubai's foremost providers of quality maid cleaning and home maintenance services.
Our maid cleaning services can be summed as neat and tidy, spick and span, spruced; often superlatives are exhausted in the process. The status has been earned by tirelessly persevering and providing the highest standard of professionalism in every aspect of our business from the cleaning to customer care. When you choose Spectrum as your regular provider of cleaning and maintenance services, you can be rest assured of the supreme quality you will get.

If you are looking for a cleaning service that can provide you with comprehensive cleaning at an affordable cost, then you need not look any further than Spectrum maid cleaning services. We are manned by professional maids with a wealth of experience and innate talent so as to render the most efficient cleaning possible. We possess a client-centric business model where we take into account the unique requirements of each individual client and give you a completely customized cleaning experience.

Our service personnel are well-versed in all the maintenance activities for which they might be called upon. They are masters of all trades from plumbing and electrical to tank cleaning and AC services. Spectrum’s maintenance men can be called in at any time to fix the things that you cannot fix. Their experience in having serviced myriad homes and offices have sharpened their skills and fine-tuned their ability to handle any situation and scenario that you might find insurmountable.

Contact us today, if you are looking for a professional cleaning service provider.
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