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Unit No: 2237 DMCC Business Centre Level No 1 Jewellery & Gemplex 3 , Dubai Mobile +971 50 520 5542 https://ketohub.ae/
To promote an active lifestyle, encourage people to maintain a healthy physique and extend a helping hand towards the treatment of people diagnosed with certain conditions.
KETO HUB DMCC is a growing business venture based in Dubai, UAE. We promote a ketogenic diet by offering appetizing meals that will keep people motivated towards their physical health goals and help them go through easy transitions. We are dedicated to enhance the keto food industry by providing delivery service to your doorstep and bringing the world optimal wellness through good, wholesome and healthy food.

The company takes pride in exclusively by providing keto meal delivery for those people who don’t have time to prepare their food and at the same time wants to lose weight, as well as the quality compact service that are tailored to adapt to the customers’ dynamic needs.

We serve keto meals prepared specifically to our clients’ needs and taste. With 180 meals to choose from, our clients are guaranteed to consume unique meals without compromising the keto nutrients that they need.

Seeing the growing demand for the keto community in the UAE, Keto Hub DMCC aims to provide high-quality food that includes all the nutrients that our customers need in order to see the positive results of keto as quickly as possible. This will be done along with our commitment to provide exemplary service from the moment our clients’ order their plan until after they receive the meals.

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