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Artan Armored Vehicles UAE

ARTAN Armored Vehicles L.L.C. Dubai Investments Park 2 Dubai, PO Box 126357, Dubai +971559425564 https://www.artanarmored.com/
Artan Armored is a trusted manufacturer of Armored vehicles, based in Dubai, UAE.
Established in 2012, with services reaching out to over 23 countries, Artan builds and supplies a wide variety of Armored cars, Armored SUVS, Armoured Luxury vehicles, Cash-in-transit, Armored personnel carriers, Tactical armored vehicles and so on. Our vehicles provide 360° protection, fully armored from ceiling to floor and all vertical panels. Only premium quality and certified materials are used for our manufacturing processes.

Ever since its founding, Artan has sought to provide excellent armoring solutions, flexible to the client’s needs. Operating its business with a focus on comfort without compromising for your safety, at Artan we strive to form a unique partnership with each client.

Our vehicles are engineered to perfection, with designs that have evolved over the years to provide you with the best in class safety and comfort.

During the manufacturing process, only certified ballistic materials are used that meet our quality standards. Our Vehicle Manufacturing department rolls out several hundred civilian armored vehicles every year.

Depending on the level of protection and location of our customers, armoring a vehicle is between 4 to 5 weeks. We customize vehicles with some of the highest grade materials available on the market, including aramid, armored glass and high-strength steel to ensure that a vehicle is protected against threats including military grade and high-power small arms fire.

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