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Shell Armored Vehicles

Warehouse No. 6, Al Hamra Industrial Area, Al Jazeera, Ras Al Khaimah, Dubai 00971555325282
We supply armored vehicles to fulfill the high security needs of Ministries, Embassies, Security Companies, NGO’s, Defense, Security Organizations and commercial sectors.
Shell Armored Vehicles is a global premium manufacturer of armored cars based in UAE. We are the best in industry when it comes to armoring cars in UAE. Shell produces its armored vehicles with the best quality ballistic armor that is available in the armoring industry. The clients vary from different aspects of their life like VIP's, Peacekeeping Forces, Police personnel's, NGO's, Security Agencies, high ranking officers etc.

Shell Armored Vehicles (SAV) is one of the most premium and reliable providers of armoring and vehicle customization needs. We have a comprehensive range of vehicles which fulfill all kinds of security needs. Our product range covers armored SUV's, armored light vehicles, armored pickups, armored buses and vans, armored cash in transit vehicles, armored speciality vehicles and soft skin vehicles. We also provide safety accessories for both vehicle safety and personal safety including armored vests, armored jackets and armored helmets for various vehicles, and personal safety accessories including armoured vests.

Call us at +971 72352600 or write to us at [email protected] for more details.
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