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Socialite Consultancy Services

POBox 36615, Burj Gate, Dubai +971 55 571 6614 https://www.socialiteconsultancyservices.com/
Socialite Consultancy Services is the best business consultant company in Dubai offering a variety of consultancy services for setting up a business in the free zones of Dubai
Are you looking to start up your own business in Dubai,UAE? We have a team of experts right from Business Consultants, IT Solutions, Corporate Lawyers , Financial and Wealth Advisor who are experienced and are experts in their respective fields, coming together to take care of all the new aspiring entrepreneurs guiding them strategically, financially and legally to expand their horizons and make their entry in the Markets.

At Socialite Consultancy Services, we offer a variety of consultancy services, which include business and company formation in the various zones of Dubai. We are a leading business consultant in Dubai, offering a wide range of services, related to company formation in different sectors of Dubai. While the setup is definitely not difficult, it is a complicated system which includes various legal formalities and paperwork for the registration and licensing for the new businesses is imperative.

Many factors will affect the legal formalities and approvals required for setting up a business in Dubai, for instance, a garments business will require different licenses and will operate both the Mainland, as well as the Freezone; whereas some other businesses may only be able to operate in the Freezone, and yet others only in the Mainland. We, at Socialite Consultancy Services, have been dealing with the legalities associated with business setup and company formation in Dubai for decades and know the best way to proceed for fast and efficient setup in no time.

A lot of it will also depend on the type of ownership that the entrepreneur is looking for; this is because in the Mainland, foreign nationals will require a sponsor and the company ownership will be shared in such cases, with the local sponsor owning 51% of the business. This is true only for trading companies; for investing companies, the ownership will still be 100%, although there will still be a requirement of a local agent for the paperwork and legal formalities for your business setup in Dubai. On the other hand, the Freezones offer foreign nationals 100% ownership with limited tax impositions, ensuring high profitability of the business over time.

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Let us make your company formation in Dubai, an easy task. Call us for the best packages for legal formalities and registration.

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