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Hakimi Group

1733, Tamani Arts Offices, Dubai +971 4 4562341 https://hakimigroup.net
If you are seeking of high-quality self-adhesive paper, look no further. The Hakimi Group is your one-stop shop for all your printing requirements.
We specialize in manufacturing packing boards, self-adhesive paper, and a variety of A4 sheets, among other products.we deliver our products across many countries globally, including UAE, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, China, Tanzania, and many others.

As a renowned supplier of quality paper, the Hakimi Group has gained a strong reputation, and many people trust and choose us for their paper needs.

Hakimi Group born to start the concept of doing business together in a group as partners instead of buyers and sellers so that we can create something bigger than the sum of what each person can create their own.

We use our rich experience of 12 years in the paper industry and share it with our partners to solve their problems.
We assist our partners in sourcing all kinds of paper products from different mills worldwide according to their needs.
We fulfill the requirements of various sizes and weights with private label.
We are very flexible regarding our partners requirements.
Our strength is our knowledge to find the best quality products which we delivers to our partners which are best for them.

E: [email protected]
self adhesive paper

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