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Maintenance Plus

Amal Alkon Technical Services, Unit Number 867538, 20th Floor Aspin Commercial Tower, Dubai +9710501843830 https://maintenanceplus.ae/
Maintenance Plus is the Building and Home Maintenance Company in Dubai.
Maintenance offers different services like electrical services, plumbing services, ac repair services, painter services, packaging and moving services and building maintenance services all over Dubai. We are the No.1 home and building maintenance company in Dubai and across the UAE.

Maintenance plus is a one stop shop for villas, houses and building management and maintenance services”.

“We recreated a maintenance model from scratch to deliver what is needed to those who need it.”

We are one of the best maintenance company leaders of all maintenance companies in Dubai. We provide the best building maintenance, villa maintenance and home maintenance services in Dubai.

We believe that the maintenance and repairs of your residential and commercial buildings should be off your already full plate. We know that you have more important things to do than worry about “the roof over your head”. Houses are compound man made object and can only tolerate by means of regular reinvestment’s in maintenance and alteration.

Maintenance is required to maintain a building’s initial performance capacity. Without maintenance, performance will not meet the demand and ultimately will drop below the limit of acceptance of people. The tenure has great influence on the stance towards maintenance.

The best way to prevent unforeseen failures arising is to apply an ongoing building maintenance program to evaluate current conditions, identify critical defects in the building structure and analyze and review trends of dreadful conditions over time in flooring, pipes walls, ceilings, and electrical, helping prevent problems before they actually occur.

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