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Amity International School Abu Dhabi

E10, Exit 39, Al Bahya, AbuDhabi 025039000 https://amityabudhabi.com/
Amity International School Abu Dhabi is one of the best British Schools In Abu Dhabi. We use British Curriculum to provide a balanced education that prepares children.
Amity International School is a British curriculum, not-for-profit school for students from FS1 to Year 11, and is located near to the Raha Beach area of Abu Dhabi. It is one of the best British schools in Abu Dhabi.1500 students from 78 nationalities make up the thriving, diverse community.

Amity International School is part of Amity Education Group, which has over 100 educational establishments in its portfolio globally. World-class campus and unique facilities, Amity caters for all of the academic, artistic and sporting talents of our community.

As Amity continues to develop through innovation and expansion of its academic and co-curricular provision, it remains true to its founding values & the importance of individual happiness is core to the school's ethos.

Amity International School provides an engaging and challenging learning environment where students are encouraged to excel intellectually, academically and socially.

We nurture our students’ natural desires to learn with a personalized educational programme, project-based learning and guided enquiry. These promote the development of independent thinking, critical analysis, emotional intelligence and essential communication skills.

Every community needs guiding pillars to be successful. We believe in inspiring excellence, encouraging togetherness, creating collaboration and celebrating diversity.

We encourage children to achieve greatness in an environment where ambition is instilled, aspiration is encouraged and students are trusted and given opportunity to take responsibility to realise their goals.

We celebrate and appreciate that academic achievement is important to open doors to opportunities beyond Amity. However, we also believe that having the confidence and emotional intelligence to approach challenges with commitment and enthusiasm, as well as a healthy personal well-being, is just as important in determining future success and happiness.

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