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Zieda's Beauty Lounge

Villa 7, Jumeirah Beach Rd., Jumeirah 1, Dubai +971 50 258 2474 https://ziedabeautylounge.com/
We are a premium Women's Beauty Salon In Dubai Near Jumeirah 1 offering services for Hair, Extensions, nails, lashes, brows, microblading and spa.
Established in 2018, we have dedicated ourselves to providing an unparalleled beauty experience that combines professionalism, innovation, and indulgence.

At Zieda Beauty Lounge, we believe that everyone deserves to feel confident, pampered, and beautiful. Our vision is to be your trusted partner in achieving your beauty goals, offering a wide range of services and treatments that enhance your natural radiance and elevate your self-esteem.

In the heart of Zieda Beauty Lounge lies the creative vision and passion of our founder, Zieda Sharipova. Zieda's journey is a captivating blend of artistry, architectural finesse, and an enduring love for the beauty industry.

Since 2008, Zieda has been an integral part of the beauty landscape. Her journey has been characterized by relentless learning, artistic growth, and an unwavering commitment to staying abreast of beauty trends and techniques.

In 2018, driven by her boundless passion and a desire to create a sanctuary of beauty and wellness, Zieda established Zieda Beauty Lounge. Her vision was to craft a space where clients could not only enhance their innate beauty but also revel in relaxation and indulgence.

Building on the success of Zieda Beauty Lounge, Zieda extended her business in 2020 into the realm of health and aesthetics. This expansion led to the creation of Zieda Aesthetics Clinic, a haven where clients could access cutting-edge aesthetic, dental treatments and wellness services.

Today, Zieda Beauty Lounge and Zieda Aesthetics Clinic stand as a testament to Zieda Sharipova's dedication to excellence and her commitment to providing clients with a world-class beauty experience.

At Zieda Beauty Lounge, we believe that every aspect of our space contributes to the overall client experience. That's why we entrusted the interior design of our establishment to a world-renowned interior designers, known for their exceptional taste and attention to detail.
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