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Mirrors Beauty Lounge

M03- Buhaleeba Plaza, Muraqqabat Road, Dubai +971 42691449 https://www.mirrorsbeautylounge.com
Mirrors Beauty Lounge is a Dubai based ladies beauty salon providing a wide range of beauty services.
Mirrors Beauty Lounge Opened 1st Branch In Muraqabad, Dubai. As Business Flourished And Client Demand Grew We Opened Another Branch In Al Rigga. Mirrors Beauty Lounge Staff Are Educated In The Science Of Hair Care And Makeup As Well As The Style. When You Want To Change Your Look, Our Staff Have The Expertise To Assess Your Natural Style, Make Recommendations, And Achieve That Look With Precision And Careful Attention To Detail.

We Believe That Each Person Has Individual Style, And We Are Committed To Helping You, Our Clients, Express That Style! And We Firmly Believe, Based On Our Education And Experience And We Can Order Anything You Need If It’s Not On Site.

When You Want To Correct A Look That Wasn’t Right For You, Mirrors Stylists Use An Arsenal Of Tools Available To Them – Experience, Education, And Specialists – To Re-Tool Your Look.

The philosophy at The Mirror Beauty Lounge is simple. We believe you will find us totally dedicated to you and to all aspects of our profession. We offer whole range of hair-care, styling, and beauty products.

If you're looking for something specific that you can not find on the site, feel free to contact us directly to inquire.

Email: [email protected]
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