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Rut Essentials

G1-44, Ajman Freezone, Dubai 0524520748 https://rutessentials.com/
We are a leading essential oils, body oils and diffusers brand in UAE.
Born in Beirut, Rūt Essentials was inspired by the personal journey of founders Adnan Adada and Nour Khodr.
Nour was surrounded by nature her entire life and learned from her grandmothers the fundamentals of natural living; from Olive grove and Pine seed harvesting to traditional soap making.

Born and raised in the southern Lebanese mountains, Nour developed a deeply rooted understanding of natural self-care methods through these cultural traditional practices. Following a difficult period in his early life in Lebanon, which resulted in mental health issues, Adnan’s determination to find a manageable solution led him to source a selection of essential oils with the help of his family to help him manage and then boost his mental health.

Initially ignited by need, but then fueled by passion and a quest to make available the very best solutions to as many people as possible, Adnan and Nour have worked tirelessly to responsibly source the highest quality of 100% pure natural oils and make them widely available at an accessible price and with flexible recommendations to incorporate into everyday life, both enhancing mental approach and offering health and beauty-boosting solutions.

Our name, our brand, and our mantras are inspired by our magnificent city. And although 2020 was a very difficult and challenging year for Beirut, we learned from our city and its people how to face challenges with strength and pride no matter how daunting they may seem to be. Beirut has always driven us to uplift, strengthen, and better ourselves. We learn revival from Beirut. We learn fortitude from Beirut. We learn resourcefulness from Beirut. And at Rūt Essentials, we are committed to deliver all these aspects and experiences through our products.

Email: [email protected]

Hours: Saturday till Wednesday from 9 AM untill 6 PM GST and Thursday from 9 AM till 3 PM GST.
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