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Ghawali UAE

25B Al Safa St, Dubai +971 56 4125556 https://ae.ghawali.com/
Ghawali is a fragrance destination like no other, offering personalized experiences and letting you create unique scents special to your personality.
Exclusive yet inviting in ambiance, the luxurious new shop is like your own private perfume paradise -- one that you may get in hours because you play around with scent layering and endless odor combinations.

Rooted in heritage and originating from the early development of perfumes in the region, “Ghalia” was a word used to describe the precious scents that the traveling merchants brought to the region, offering the nobles their own exclusive scents, or “Ghawali” as they came to be known.

With Ghawali, your desire to remain connected with the region’s culture and heritage, and to possess your own “Ghalia” are fulfilled.

Still wondering which fragrance, you want to buy? We have made it simple for you. You can now order a coffret which has all our seven fragrances in 2 ML vials for only AED 50 but that’s not it, when you order this, we send you an AED 50 gift card in your inbox and you can redeem it against your purchase of anything on our online store.

Visit our website to know complete details on our offer and packages.
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