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YAP HQ 508, Liberty House, Dubai +971 600 551214
YAP is a neobank focused wholly on improving the digital banking experience.
We function as an independent app with no physical branches, making it the first of its kind in the UAE. YAP helps you take control of your finances – whether it's spend analytics, payments, transfers or budgeting – allowing you to manage money in a way you haven’t before.

YAP is an all-in-one digital banking app that helps you to quickly and easily solve any financial need across all areas of your life – family, personal or business. YAP is created to keep you at its core, always.

What’s in it for you? YAP gives you the power of banking directly at your fingertips, literally. YAP offers packages that fit your individual needs – whether it’s managing your business expenses, personal household finances or teaching young ones how to manage their money. It’s an app that goes where no other digital banking solution has gone before, creating simple and safe solutions for otherwise complicated banking procedures.

There is more. View and pay all your bills using YAP. Whether it’s monthly utilities like your internet or splitting a restaurant bill with friends, YAP has you covered.

The vision is simple – your money, your rules, your app.

E: [email protected]
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