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Katrina Sweets

Dubai Investment Park Second , Dubai 04-251 55 7704-813 23 33 https://katrina.ae/
Katrina Sweets & Confectionery offers customized cakes, cookies, pastries and other products with high-class service through their chain of coffee shops and kiosks.
Established in 2007, Katrina Sweets offers a better presentation of customized cakes, cookies, pastries and other products, offering high-class service. The company is in the process of establishing a chain of coffee shops and trading kiosks.

Katrina Sweets, which is now an international brand, was originally found in 2007, and began as a family-run small cozy coffee shop based in the UAE. It later branched into several coffee shops and trading kiosks. The factory is modern, with outstanding equipment. Professionalism and teamwork are of prime importance for our company, due to which, we have been able to achieve increased sales by the day.

Our staff are professional and well mannered. We have several types of confectionery items on the offer including cakes, cookies, pastries, snacks and bread. We have specific customized cake for particular occasions including cupcakes, Christmas cake and UAE-designed cake.

More than 50 items are presented every day. They are individually designed and made within a short duration. We undertake free home deliveries too.

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