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Morozoff Gulf

Mirdif City Center , Ground Floor, North Entrance, Dubai 971042840778 http://morozoffgulf.com
Morozoff is one of the first candy and chocolate shops in Dubai, offering authentic tastes on a range of confectionary products since 1931.
At Morozoff, we believe that only a healthy and happy company can produce delicious sweets and we go to great lengths to produce authentic tastes backed by Morozoff Gulf.Since the opening of its first chocolate and candy shop in 1931, Morozoff has enriched the lives of its clients with a wide range of confectionery products.

At Morozoff some of the best ingredients blended together in harmony, crafting sweets with absolutely no compromise in quality. Our flagship cookie line, the Aracadia, is a true reflection of quality. Morozoff desserts have also had solid reputation in the market. The lovely puddings sold today in clear glass cups are descendants of original Morozoff product known as 'Dekka pudding', which is huge hit among youngsters in Kobe.

At Morozoff we aim to make confectionery products that are in line with times, but, retain a sense of tradition and recall the wonderful memories.

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