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Uncle Fluffy

703C, Ibn Battuta Mall, Dubai 00971589955802 http://www.unclefluffybakery.com/
The Japanese cheesecake, a mouth melting, delightful, fluffy and soft dessert has recently garnered myriad fan follower across the globe.
Uncle Fluffy’s secret cheessecake is one of our greatest treasures which originated in Hakada, Japan in 1948.

The reason behind is its fluffiness, sweet flavor & scent that never missed to lure the crowd in.

Though the way they make this Japanese fluffy cake, the ingredients they choose and the technique they use, can give this cake varied fluffiness and flavor. There is hardly any cake shop in Dubai that holds an ancient recipe and techniques to make Japanese Fluffy Cake, we are also aware of the right ingredients, procedure, and finishing.

Uncle Fluffy is the only holder of the secret of the famous dancing Japanese Cheesecake which contains carefully selected ingredients in precise quantities, including decadent cream cheese, premium butter and the finest farm-fresh eggs!

Every ingredient is mixed and baked in a top secretive process to insure the exclusivity of the brand. We guarantee our mouthwatering cheesecake will bring residents and the tourists of UAED to visit the mall just for the sake of experiencing the jiggly new cheesecake.
The Best Cheese Cake

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