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King Road Autos Repairing

Opp. Lulu Village, Near Emirates Catering, Muhaisnah 4, Dubai 055 104 5392
Kings Road Autos Repairing is a team of certified technicians with expertise to cater to your specific make and model of vehicle, and can handle your unique requirements.
Keeping your vehicle in perfect condition not only removes unnecessary worry and money drain but is a big step in extending the life of your vehicle. Be it German, Japanese or American car that you’re driving, at Kings Road Autos Repairing you will inevitably find certified technicians with expertise to cater to your specific make & model of vehicle and handle your unique requirements.

When you visit our state-of-the-art auto garage located in Muhaisnah at Al Qhusais, our expert technicians will conduct an accurate & comprehensive diagnosis of your vehicle using the latest computerized testing & diagnostic tools, in sync with your car’s manufacturing specifications.

We provide a complete report of required repairs/services along with the quote. Our highly qualified team, comprising of 30+ certified technicians that perform the repair works using top-of-the range equipment & tools, replacements using high-quality parts, paint restoration in our dedicated oven paint booth or other services as prescribed using the latest & most advanced equipments, within minimal time, meeting the highest quality standards.

We conduct comprehensive diagnosis of your vehicle using computerized testing & advanced diagnostic tools, providing complete report of repair & servicing requirements. Whether your trouble is caused by an old battery that needs replacement or malfunctioning computer systems that control the safety & security features, our team of auto-electricians will diagnose the issue(s) accurately using the most advanced diagnostic tools & gathering vehicle data.

Our highly competitive pricing combined with international service standards and 3-month warranty makes King Road Autos Repairing the go-to automobile workshop in Dubai.

Email: [email protected]
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