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Parc Fermé ME

Building no 14, Warehouse 3A, Dubai +971 4 884 1116 https://parcferme.me/
At Parc Fermé your vehicle is tended to by experts in every aspect of maintenance - inside and out, it gets loving care and attention when and where it’s needed.
When it comes to securing short-, medium- or long-term care for your car, you need look no further than Parc Fermé Middle East, the region’s premier automobile storage facility.

Fronted by owner and managing director, Motaz Abu-Hijleh, Parc Fermé opened its doors more than three years ago and very quickly became famed for its unique levels of expert service and attention to detail. And key to this success is the man himself, having spent eight years at the top of his game within the aeronautical field as a high-ranking Emirates aircraft engineer.

Secreted well away from prying eyes, your car couldn’t be in safer hands and Parc Fermé’s growing national and international client base is testament to the fact that there is no better or safer place for your car.

Unlike other facilities, at Parc Fermé carefully controlled ambient temperatures mean the harsh reality of the Middle East’s climate have zero impact on your car. Instead of searing heat and humidity damaging your car’s rubber seals, lubricants, bushes and interior trim, at Parc Fermé your car is treated to ideal showroom conditions at all times. We are experts; we understand what you and your car require. You Parc Fermé be in safer hands.

Security is of paramount important at Parc Fermé, where round-the-clock surveillance is implemented for ultimate peace of mind. Collectors of some of the most valuable cars in the world entrust us with their possessions and for good reason: we treat them as though they are our own.

Three individual packages are available to clients: Standard, Premium and Platinum, and any of them can be tailored to you and your cars specific requirements. Parc Fermé is housed in an extensive, dedicated 24,000 sq. ft. facility that looks utterly non-descript to outsiders but, once you’re through its doors, the differences could not be more stark. Clinically clean and bright, with carefully controlled air quality, Parc Fermé is the perfect destination for your precious cars, whether you own just one or many dozens of them.

Business Email: [email protected]

Business Hours: 9am to 6pm; Friday & Saturday closed,

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