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Al Maraghi Auto Repairs

AL Maraghi Auto Repairs, Mussafah, AbuDhabi +971-02-5503552 +971-02-5503556 www.benzuae.com
Al Maraghi Auto Repairs is an ISO certified facility providing exclusive auto repair and maintenance of Mercedes Benz in Abu Dhabi and throughout UAE.
We are an excellent ISO certified facility providing Benz Service to our customers in Abu Dhabi since 1996. The Mercedes owners' trust us for our commitment to the Mercedes marque, and we have built a solid reputation for our superior service and quality of work.

We focus solely on the repair and maintenance of vehicles of Mercedes Benz UAE. We use high quality advanced technologies for servicing your vehicles. Some unique aspects that help us standout among our competitors are: We work in a professional environment which is custom-designed to provide the best possible service to owners of Mercedes Benz vehicles. Our experienced staff and technicians are completely dedicated to their work, to match the expectations of our clients. With an extensive parts warehouse and next-day ordering capability, we can schedule and initiate repairs quickly.

Our ultimate goal is to be able to offer a reliable and economical alternative to the valuable Mercedes Benz service in UAE, All our specialist technicians are experts in handling any Mercedes issues, from changing a signal bulb, to total vintage restoration, including computerized diagnosing. We have an all-round quality monitoring system, to ensure that our customers are given only the best.

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