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Guard Me General Trading LLC

Street No. 58, 597- 941 Warehouse no. 1-B First Floor Dubai Investment Park 2, Dubai 0586481796 http://www.guardme.ae/
Led by a team of industry experts, we are a specialized company offering revolutionized, integrated, turnkey solutions in safety and security.
At Guard Me, every project presents an opportunity to unlock the ideal solution — designed, developed and executed to ensure lasting, sustainable results. Our strengths lie in our market know-how, our trusted partnerships throughout the region and the courteous professionalism of our skilled team.

Taking an innovative approach to safety and security, we take pride in our ability to deliver a wide variety of cutting-edge solutions that guarantee effectiveness, efficiency and value — now and in the future.

Led by a team of experienced professionals, Guard Me is a specialized company that underlines its core competencies in offering integrated and turnkey revolutionized safety and security solutions.

At Guard Me, every project presents an opportunity to unlock its true potential. Every idea is evaluated for its true prospect, and it’s designed, developed and delivered to ensure sustained result.

The competitive strength of Guard Me is the professionalism, confidence, experience and friendly service that it’s team brings.

Focused on innovative approach to safety and security, Guard Me takes pride in its creativity to deliver never-before solutions that builds long-lasting value. Innovation meets experience and professionalism at Guard Me.
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