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Holy Quran Park

Al Khawaneej, Dubai
The Holy Quran Park in Dubai has been specifically designed from an Islamic perspective and aims to introduce miracles of the Holy Quran to visitors.
The park spans an area of 60 hectares at Al Khawaneej and aims to educate general public about the Holy Quran and its miracles, and is expected to showcase all the plants mentioned in Holy Quran and available in the UAE.

The park includes numerous facilities such as the Islamic garden, administration building, children play areas, Umrah corner, outdoor theatre, miracle show area, recitation of stories from the Quran, bathrooms, fountains, glasshouse, desert garden, lake, palm oasis, running and cycling tracks.

A noteworthy aspect of this park is that the park plans to have all plants mentioned in the Holy Quran (about 54 in number), which includes banana, barley, basil, cucumbers, corn, garlic, ginger, fig, lentil, onion, olive, leek, pomegranate, onion, wheat, watermelon, vineyards, pumpkin, wheat and tamarind.

The Andalusian-style entrance of the park will also house a glass building to accommodate 15 items of plants, and items of various specific gardens. These plants would stimulate visitors to think about reason behind mentioning the names of these plans in the Quran.

A specific area named ‘the miracles of Quran’, will include an air-conditioned tunnel to show miracles and stories of the Quran.

Facilities: Islamic garden, children play areas, administration building, outdoor theatre, Umrah corner, story recitation area, miracle show area, bathrooms, glasshouse, desert garden, palm oasis, lake, fountains, running, cycling and jogging tracks.

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