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White Metal Contracting LLC

Ajman Jurf 1 Opposite Of China Mall, Dubai 971 567 262 122 / +971 6 742 9229 / +971 6 748 5553 971 6742 9449 https://www.whitemetalco.com/
White Metal is the best among waterproofing companies in Dubai, also leader in waterproofing contractors and Roof insulation in UAE.
The White Metal Contracting LLC has been around for a long time, and in that time has built a worthy reputation as a business of excellence in the field of building and construction contracting services. You will have already read about our business services which we offer to customers throughout the UAE. Now you can find out all the particulars of our company.

Our experience and expertise gained us a name not only as a leading waterproofing companies in Dubai, UAE but also wall painting and waterproofing contractors in Dubai, UAE. We are also undertake epoxy line marking, floor repairing, and roof cladding services in UAE.

White Metal Contracting LLC waterproofing contractor provides waterproofing solutions for basement, roof, walls, swimming pools, water tanks, bathrooms & kitchens and balconies.

We provide both internal and external wall waterproofing. We specialize in solving problems such as water penetration through the foundation walls, mound, fungi, efflorescent build-up and moisture.

White Metal Contracting LLC waterproofing always tries to improve the value of relationship with customers and for this it is committed in understanding the needs of customers and provide them best waterproofing solutions in UAE.

Email: [email protected]
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