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Hayat Alhikmah

Warehouse No. 4 Street No. 27, Al Qusais Industrial Area 1, Dubai +971 54 777 1238 https://hayatalhikmah.com/
HAYAT ALHIKMAH Pharma company is a pharma export origin for Worldwide Professional healthcare delivery.
HAYAT ALHIKMAH is UEA Fastest Growing pharmaceutical supply company. We are pharmaceutical wholesaler based in Dubai with a sister company based in India. We bridge the geographical gaps for our customers by providing easy access of Generic drugs,Reference listed drug and Name patient Imporservice, along with temperature controlled Product.

The pharmaceutical supply chain is a hard process for many healthcare wholesalers, but a good pharmaceutical exporter makes it accessible.

Based on over 5 years trading experience and supply management, we serve swift and proper orders- but more importantly, we employ the most cost-effective and practical solution for each specific need.

We believe everybody should reach standard medication that aids manage disease or heals overall health, so we help to improving health of people across the globe, via credible pharmaceutical products. We consciously make sure the medicines most vital to patients are always available. We believe all people deserve to live healthy lives. We always seek to understand clients’ requirement and our center of attention is customer satisfaction.

At HAYAT ALHIKMAH, we work with our customers, from all over the World, and manage orders of all volume. Our services give a chance to healthcare providers to handle their operations effectively, and serve their client without having to concern about complex association with producers.
pharmaceutical wholesaler based in Dubai

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