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Hey Dental Clinic

Block C, JLT, Goldcrest Executive Business Tower, 106, First Floor , Dubai 97144508717 http://hey-dc.com
Hey Dental Clinic is an advanced Dental Treatment in Dubai offering wide range of dental services like Teeth Whitening, Gum Treatment, Root Canal Treatment, Cosmetic Dentistry
Oral health care is an important area, which every human must assure to take care off. The condition of teeth also remains a critical aspect in keeping up the hygiene of teeth care. Many today, have stain-clad teeth and some even have discolored teeth set. This looks dirty, is not hygienic by any means, and de-motivates the confidence of the person.

Teeth whitening treatments in Dubai, UAE is one concept, which has grown up to a stature. Many people attempt it to boost their confidence. For an instance, people with white teeth can smile wide, and the teeth look clean and enhance the personality of the ones with such teeth.

Techniques to Follow

Bleaching: This is one of the popular dental treatments in Dubai, UAE, and commonly sought out a method for whitening teeth. In this process, a set of dental experts will first check the condition of the teeth set and administer the chances of taking the process. In the process, the experts will put a rubber guard on the gums, and apply a special cream, which acts as a chief bleaching agent to your mouth. The cream contains hydrogen peroxide to a specific level, which acts as an oxidizing agent and bleaches the stains out.

Laser Treatment: Laser treatment is one more effective means of teeth whitening. In this process, a laser wave is passed on the teeth, while the gums are protected from the same. In the end, the whole set of teeth becomes white in a specific time duration.

Teeth whitening techniques these days have disseminated the world, and many are opting these two techniques for obtaining a good result. The dentists at Hey Dental Clinic in Dubai have years of experience and offer comprehensive and quality treatment.

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Opening Time: Sunday to Thursday - 9am till 7.30pm - Saturday - 10 till 7.00pm

Emergency call: +971 50 288 2569

Ramadan Timing: 10.00 am till 10.00 pm
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