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Lathifa Towers, 34th Floor, Office 3401, Dubai 0524219856 / 04 2696733 https://www.moonbox.ae/
Moonbox is a Dubai-based brand consultancy. We develop brands that inspire wonder, establish connections and underscore transformative impact.
We believe brands happen when curiosity meets creativity, emotion converges with reason and passion embraces purpose.

A brand needs to capture wonder and improve daily life. We develop the complete anatomy of a brand—purpose, positioning and personality—with the goal to instill a sense of wonder and generate value.

We start with strategy. Branding requires consistency, so we lay down the groundwork for impactful and coherent messaging. We make ideas make sense.

We elevate brand experience through visual and verbal expression. After perfecting the message, we go for unique as we fine-tune the look and the language.

We make it easier to engage with the audience. As an extension, we use social media, packaging, and other print collaterals to push people to take action.

Over the years, we’ve built amazing relationships with the people we’ve helped. They’re no longer seen as clients but have become our teammates. For us, it’s not just about going the extra mile—it’s knowing that everyone needs a partner that will help them get to the where they want to be.

One of our collective goals is to help improve life for all. We identify underserved communities, and through our partnerships with non-profit organisations and charitable groups, we hope to transform more lives for the better.

E: [email protected]
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