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Finance Monkey

Office 309 – Fifty One Business Bay, Dubai +971589879744 https://financemonkey.ae
Finance Monkey is a leading accounting service provider in Dubai with decades of experience.
To put it simply, Finance Monkey is a Finance-Managing company. For you, this means that we will handle all your financial affairs, or at least the ones you entrust us with. Finance Monkey offers a wide range of services in the Dubai financial market.

This includes providing you with a basic book-keeper to a Finance Manager who will help manage each and every penny that flows in or out of your business. Finance Monkey wants to help your business flourish. Hence, we offer every finance-related service under the sun.

There are a lot of firms that expect you to have at least a skeletal staff, i.e. basic manager, book-keeper, etc. present to preside over the matters. Here at Finance Monkey, however, our motto is No Monkey, No problem. Even if your only staff-member is a crusty old janitor, we will take up on the challenge and do whatever it takes to oil up those gears and start those engines so your finances run as clean and smooth as a dream.

Finance Monkey works with the best in each industry, our approach isn’t a one size fits all that’s why we don’t work with every client that comes our way. Before starting any project we meet with the clients and discuss how Finance Monkey can maximize their processes and financial functions. Only if we feel we can atleast give 200% ROI to the client then only we kick start.
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