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Office 101, AD University Bldg. Muroor St., AbuDhabi 026710033 +971 2 671 00 38
Level is an international and independent firm specialized in tax services. We provide tax consulting, compliance and refund services.
We are a firm of talented and passionate tax consultants, a firm that builds lasting relationships, dedicated to provide the highest quality advice and support to our business partners in every aspect of their organization.

Tax management does not come easy. For smooth operations, you must ensure familiarity with the process to guarantee compliance with all the obligations and regulations set forth by the government while maximizing your profit margin. Due to the complexity of this task, it is best for you to seek the assistance of professional tax consultancy services.

At Level LLC, we take pride in having established ourselves as one of the top tax consultants in the UAE. Our portfolio expands to all types of tax related services, ranging from value added tax registration to tax collection and refund. Our mission is to provide our clients with practical and meaningful solutions that can help further their business, while making the most out of their taxes and obligations. Whether you are looking for a VAT consultant to help you with the preparation of your taxes, or require assistance with negotiating pricing agreements, we’ve got you covered.

Our range of service includes:

VAT Registration & Compliance
VAT Consulting Services
Reconsideration on VAT Penalties
Foreign VAT Refunds
Aviation Tax
Comprehensive Transfer Pricing

We operate all through the region, and carry the same quality and client satisfaction as we do in Abu Dhabi. Our team of domestically and internationally experienced consultants takes a different view towards customer relationship, and it reflects in the services that we provide to clients across the United Arab Emirates.

Over the years, we have provided services and solutions that have helped clients across an array of industries achieve the finest results via tax optimization. With us, you can be assured of fulfilling your tax related obligations with utmost ease.

Our objective is to complement and accelerate our clients’ ability to understand, comply, mitigate risks, improve cash flows and increase profits for their organization.

Our philosophy is to work with clients building lasting relationships and adding value to their organisation.

Email: [email protected]
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