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Dubai airport ranked world's busiest for international flights

17 April 2018

The passenger traffic at Dubai International Airport in 2017 has touched 90 million, marking a growth of 5.6 percent from the previous year, making it the world’s busiest hub for international travel once again, as per the latest global rankings.

The figures, revealed by Airport Council International, indicate that Dubai International continues to remain on top, surpassing the traffic of its competitors, including London Heathrow and Hong Kong International, which are world’s second and third busiest airports respectively.

According to Dubai airport, the 2017 traffic numbers were the highest in the world. The first time that Dubai took the crown of being the world’s busiest was in 2014, surpassing London Heathrow.

dubai airport

Meanwhile, the Kuala Lumpur International saw the highest jump in traffic of 14.6 percent in terms of traffic jump, while Doha International witnessed the biggest slump (-5.3 percent).

However, when the total domestic and international passenger traffic numbers are taken into account, the Atlanta International Airport in the United States would emerge as the world’s busiest, followed by Beijing Capital and Dubai Internal Airport.

Hong Kong is on top of the list for air cargo, as it has dealt with more than five million tonnes of cargo in 2017.

The rankings by Airport Council International are completely based on preliminary passenger numbers from 1202 airports worldwide.

10 busiest airports in the world by international passenger traffic, according to ACI

1.Dubai International (UAE): 87.7 million passengers
2. Heathrow Airport (London, UK): 73.2 million
3. Hong Kong International: 72.5 million
4. Amsterdam Schiphol: 68.4 million
5. Aeroport de Paris-Charles de Gaulle (France): 63.7 million
6. Singapore Changi Airport: 61.6 million
7. Incheon International (South Korea): 61.5 million
8. Frankfurt International (Germany): 57.1 million
9. Suvarnabhumi (Bangkok, Thailand): 48.8 million
10.Taoyuan International (Taiwan): 44.5 million

Robin Vinod

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