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Why you should go for a desert safari in Dubai

16 October 2019

Desert is the soul of Dubai. Yes, it is a fact that Dubai has a unique natural landscape, which is entirely different from the glossy city. The charm of the deserts is worth witnessing. Though you cannot see the skyscrapers, beaches and adventure parks here, there are many things which are more thrilling and exciting. The best and most convenient way to explore the deserts is undoubtedly a desert safari.

What is a desert safari?

A desert safari is a tour package that will take you to the mysterious sands in Dubai. It is like stepping back in time and admiring the past. When you are under the magic spell of the luxurious city life, sometimes you might forget that Dubai was once just a desolated desert land. This journey will help you realize that the city has come a long way. The trip includes sightseeing, adventures, entertainment, and great food.

dune bashing dubai

A typical desert safari experience

A desert safari has the true essence of desert life along with the most-celebrated traditions and art-forms in the Middle East. Have a look at the perks of a desert safari:

Have fun in the sand

This is the most thrilling part of a desert safari. All adrenaline junkies will fall in love with the adventurous activities in a desert safari. Following are the things that you can do in the deserts:

  • Dune bashing: It is the ideal way to start the desert safari. As you reach the deserts, the way of driving will change altogether. Dune bashing involves riding over the dunes at high speed. The bouncy movement, when the vehicle goes up and down the dune, is the main feature of dune bashing. SUVs are used for this adventure, and the cars are fitted with safety gear for your protection. Of course, this is not for the tender-hearted. However, people of any age can enjoy this if they love adventures.
  • Sandboarding: Now, it is time for solo sports. You would have heard about snowboarding but not sandboarding. Both are similar, and the only difference is that the latter is on the sand. Don't think that it is just for the professionals. Anyone can master this after some practice and no need to get scared as you will fall on the soft and smooth sand. Fasten the sandboard onto your feet and slide down the tall dunes. The tour company will provide the sandboard, and the only thing you should do is to enjoy the activity.
  • Camel ride: A trip to the desert is incomplete without seeing camels. They were the only means of transport in olden times. It will be a different experience in this modern era.
  • Quad biking: Bike lovers can try riding quad bikes. These are the desert version of bikes and allows you to drive well in the desert terrain. These four-wheelers will give an adrenaline rush as you hit the dunes in style.

Enjoy live performances

After the activities on the sand, you will be taken to the camps which resemble the Bedouin settlements. Bedouins were the nomadic Arabs who settled in the deserts. As the sun sets, the camps are all lit up, and it is time for the live performances. The entertainment programs in a desert camp are Tanoura, Belly dance, and a fire show. Tanoura is an Egyptian folk dance characterized by the use of a long multicolored skirt.

dubai desert safari

A delicious barbecue dinner buffet

Having food from a classy restaurant is great. But, what if you can relish the food at a tranquil spot while watching exciting performances? Desert safari offers a toothsome barbecue dinner buffet with traditional Arabic and Continental dishes. You can't imagine a better way to end a happy day in the desert.

Desert safari is the best thing to do during your visit to Dubai. Spice up your holiday with spine-tingling adventures and know about desert life in Dubai. 

Davies Krish

With a background in journalism and news reporting, Davies enjoys finding surprises and unusual sights in some of Middle East's most well-traveled destinations.

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