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Dubai Summer Surprises

31 August 2015

The Dubai Summer Surprises (DSS) is back with its 18th edition to entertain residents and visitors from 23rd July to 5th September.

dubai Summer Surprises

Launched in 1998, DSS has positioned Dubai as an international summer destination, which makes it the highlight in Dubai's summer calendar, as GCC residents and other tourists flock to the city seeking for bargains in more than 6000 stores that are participating in this annual event.

The festival is heavily geared towards families, with each mall undertaking programme of events for children of all ages. Apart from shopping bonanza which form part of DSS, the event has a major line-up of fun activities for families.

DSS focuses on fun, knowledge, and entertainment for kids during their annual summer vacation. The mascot of the festival is called ‘Modhesh’, which is an Arabic word for amazing, incredible and unexpected. The forthcoming DSS has a series of pleasant events lined up for kids with variety of fun activities and games which will keep them engaged.

Just as in the previous years, there will be some rocking performances by some talented musicians and dancers as they showcase their DSS, as it hosts a few fashion shows as well. Typically an UAE celebration, the DSS features activities like heritage oasis, hospitality tents, traditional shows and competitions.

On the whole, DSS is a manifestation of emirates culture, including art, history and traditions. As a tourist, when visiting Dubai during DSS, you can gain rare and privileged insight into the history of Dubai and its surrounding Emirates by being part of this gala ceremony. During the fest, the goal has clearly been achieved, with shopaholics flocking to the city in search of bargains in thousands of stores. Each shopping mall has a programme to entertain the kids and adults who require a break from shopping bonanza. DSS has something for all, and so you can plan your trip to enjoy the DSS fest.

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