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Continued job layoffs threaten UAE economy

24/1/2009 - Dubai property sector continued to witness job cuts, with Sherwoods being the latest company to join the series of companies resorting to downsizing their staff, unable to bear the impact of global economic crisis.

Dubai witnesses series of job redundancies

16/1/2009 - Out of a workforce of one million, about 3200 people have lost their jobs in Dubai during the past three months, which implies the impact that the global financial turmoil has made on the UAE economy.

Abu Dhabi Municipality has approved for seven new public parks

14/1/2009 - The Abu Dhabi Municipality has approved landscaping designs for seven new public parks in residential neighbourhoods in the Capital.

Part-time work system may extended to expats too

12/1/2009 - The Government of Dubai has unveiled a new part-time work system, and has assured to include expatriates too in this system, at a later stage.

Visit Visas for companies to be curtailed

9/1/2009 - The Ministry of Interior has decided to curtail number of visas issued for large companies, and stop issuance of visas for small businesses, aiming to restrict entry of illegal workers.

Cash machines to accept SEWA bill payments in Sharjah

5/1/2009 - From now on, residents in Sharjah can pay their utility bills through cash machines of few chosen banks, announced Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority (SEWA) on Sunday.

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