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Dubai International is now, the fastest growing airport in the world

14/1/2010 - Dubai International has posted 9 percent growth by handling 40.

Global Village offers 30 percent additional entertainment this year

28/2/2012 - Global Village, the entertainment, shopping and cultural attraction caters to visitors of all ages, offering more than 70 rides in the gaming and fun fair zone.

Dubai unveils tallest hotel in the world

7/1/2010 - Dubai has once again made its entry into the Guinness World Records by officially unveiling the tallest hotel in the world, Rose Rayhaan.

New stringent anti-tobacco law introduced in UAE

7/1/2010 - The UAE has introduced new stringent anti-tobacco law on Wednesday, announcing imprisonment against violators of the law and fines of up to Dh.

Burj Khalifa tickets sell like hot cakes

7/1/2010 -

The observation deck on the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building, has been over-crowded ever-since its opening on 4th January 2010, which has led to a quick sale out of tickets.

Public awaits opening ceremony of the iconic Burj Dubai today

4/1/2010 - The opening ceremony for the tallest building in the world, Burj Dubai, will beginning at 8 p.

New law in Abu Dhabi entitles tenants for a lease period of 5 years

28/12/2009 - According to a new resolution issued by the Rental Disputes Settlement Committee in Abu Dhabi, which amends the Article 20 of Law No.

Revised visa guidelines to India announced

28/12/2009 - The Indian government has announced revised visa guidelines for citizens of select countries traveling to India, irrespective of the place from where they visit.

New Federal Authority established in UAE to manage public hospitals

28/12/2009 - A Federal Health Authority (FHA) has been established to help accredit about 14 public hospitals across Dubai and Northern Emirates under the UAE Ministry of Health (MoH).

Sayer e-payment smart cards to be introduced in Sharjah

26/12/2009 - The Sharjah authorities introduced Sayer e-payment smart cards for bus passengers, so as to prevent complaints such as not having received the exact change from drivers when purchasing tickets.

DIFC among leading international financial centers in the world

26/12/2009 - The Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) ranks seventh among fifteen international and regional financial centers, as per the study released by DIFC, in association with KPMG in UAE.

Bankruptcy protection law likely in UAE soon

16/12/2009 - A brief bankruptcy protection law is likely to be announced by the UAE Federal Government within months, to offer adequate legal cover to companies under financial stress, a top Dubai Government official revealed.

Labour Ministry set to introduce new e-services facilities

16/12/2009 - The Ministry of Labour (MoL) will launch new e-services to facilitate transactions for clients and ensure efficiency.

Abu Dhabi offers $10bn support fund to Dubai

15/12/2009 - Abu Dhabi has stepped in to help Dubai with $10bn injection, out of which $4.

New Human Rights Village Centre in Dubai by 2010

12/12/2009 - A centre to promote awareness about human rights among public, will be established next year to mark the International Human Rights Day, announced a top Dubai government official.

Sixth Annual DIFF 2009 marks another feather on cap for Dubai

12/12/2009 -

The opening of the Sixth Annual Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF) is another feather to the cultural cap of the city.

Capital Gate tower leans towards World Record

7/12/2009 - The Dh8 billion Capital Gate tower in Abu Dhabi, a techno-marvel tower is being built to lean 18 degrees (14 degrees more than Seventh Wonder of the World), and is leaning towards a world record.

More expat job losses feared in Dubai

3/12/2009 - Dubai debt crisis is hoped to further hit the confidence in the  expatriate community, as it could lead to a series of job losses at government-owned companies forced to re-structure.

Abu Dhabi will rescue Dubai defaults: Economist

1/12/2009 - According to a leading economist in the region, the concerns about Dubais potentially crippling default on enormous debts to global creditors have shattered investor confidence across the Gulf region, but, Abu Dhabi will surely come to the rescue.

The Dubai Mall festive line-up for Eid and National Day celebrations

30/11/2009 - The Dubai Mall has a festive line-up of events to celebrate Eid and 38th UAE National Day this year.

Urgent visa processing cases to be accepted during holidays

19/12/2009 - Special units at the naturalization, residency and exit checkpoints in the country will continue to accept urgent applications in the morning during the Eid Al Adha and National Day holidays.

Dubai Government orders immediate restructuring of Dubai World

30/11/2009 - The Government of Dubai, acting through the Supreme Fiscal Committee (SFC) has authorized the Dubai Financial Support Fund (DFSF) to lead the restructure of Dubai World with immediate effect.

The Big 5 Show concludes with positive note

30/11/2009 - This year Big 5 event concluded on Thursday, with about 3,000 exhibitors (regional and international), displaying their respective products and services, while a few of them got to sign good deals in the region.

Abu Dhabi to house huge 65,000-seater retractable roof stadium

26/11/2009 - The UAE Capital will house the biggest stadium in the UAE, it has been announced.

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