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Common driving license system for GCC nations proposed

30/5/2011 - The latest three-day conference of directors of traffic departments from GCC nations, held at Abu Dhabi, have agreed on the introduction of a common driving license system in the GCC.

Cost of living surpasses average salary growth in MENA

26/5/2011 - The cost of living in MENA (Middle East North Africa) region has grown by 24.

UAE to mandate metric system as legal unit of measurement

25/5/2011 - Effective 11th November 2011, the UAE will implement the International System of Units (SI), replacing metres in place of feet, inches and yards, it has been announced.

New identification numbers to open up key services for ID card holders

16/5/2011 - EIDA is in the final stages of building infrastructure for electronic services, said Dr Ali Al Khoury, the Director General of Emirates ID.

Visa issuance linked with ID card registrations in Dubai, Sharjah free zones

9/5/2011 - The Dubai and Sharjah free zones will link the issuance and renewal of residence visas, together with registration of national IDs, in a months time, confirmed senior officials here.

UAE private sector needs nearly 20,000 new jobs annually

9/5/2011 - The UAE Labour Minister said that the private sector in UAE will have to create nearly 20,000 jobs a year, so as to meet the requirements of estimated labour force likely to enter the market in the next decade.

ID cards can be collected at nearest post offices

26/4/2011 - The National ID card applicants now have the option of collecting their cards, in case they have been unable to collect their cards due to inconvenience of collecting it from far off post offices.

Abu Dhabi, Dubai, to link National ID cards with residence visas

4/4/2011 - Abu Dhabi is all set to link the issuance and renewal of residence visas with registration of national ID cards in next three months time, said senior officials.

Dubai International Airport, the 13th busiest in the world in 2010

21/3/2011 - The Dubai International Airport has growth to be the 13th busiest airport in the world last year, and is two places ahead of the previous year, revealed the figures by Airports Council International (ACI).

EIDA to install card dispensers to expedite ID card deliveries

15/3/2011 - Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA) has announced launch of card dispensers at public places such as shopping malls, following complaints of delayed delivery of National ID cards.

Rise in minimum wages of workers in UAE

15/3/2011 - The Indian Embassy has raised the minimum wages of skilled and unskilled workers in 36 categories working in the UAE, from 40% to 50%, effective today.

Union Railway to begin work on $11bn railway line by mid-2011

7/3/2011 - The Union Railway has announced plans to begin construction of $11bn railway across the emirates during mid-2011.

National ID card registration, residence visa issuance to go hand-in-hand at RAK

28/2/2011 - The Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA) in Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) yesterday announced that beginning Tuesday, the National ID Card registration may be linked with issuance of residence visa and renewal).

Terminated workers can move to new company

22/2/2012 - Workers who have been fired or dismissed by their employers can now move on to another company, even without completing the specified two-year period, as a new law in UAE now permits conditional transfer of sponsorship.

Global Village to go on until 28th Feb with growing visitor numbers

22/2/2011 - The Global Village continues to attract numerous visitors with its shopping, entertainment, cultural and traditional performances, and this will continue until the 28th February.

Abu Dhabi International Airport among Best Service Providers in the region

22/2/2011 - The Abu Dhabi International Airport has bagged the second place in the Best Service Provider category in the latest Airports Council International (ACI) ASQ Survey results for the Middle East region, the key benchmark for customer service in the global airports industry.

Jet Airways 100th flight to link Dubai-Mumbai sector daily

15/2/2011 - One of Indias leading international airlines, the Jet Airways, has announced addition of two direct daily flights, which makes it the first private Indian airline to operate 100 daily flights to international destinations across the globe.

Waiting time reduced at iconic Burj Khalifa with Tensator

15/2/2011 - There has been considerable improvement in safety and waiting time at Dubais iconic Burj Khalifa Tower, owing to global crowd control specialist Tensator.

GCC states looks into possibility of issuing unified visa regime

9/2/2011 - The GCC states have been imposing extensive rules to issue a unified visa regime to foreign tourists and businessmen.

UAE mandates two-year visas for private sector employees and workers

8/2/2011 - A new rule in the UAE mandates issuance of a two-year visa to private sector workers and employees, so as to match their labour card, said a senior official on Sunday.

Temporary work permits can be issued for a fee:Ministry

8/2/2011 - The Labour Ministry recently announced that the workers are permitted to avail temporary work permits for a fee, provided, the required conditions are met.

Revised minimum wage policy likely for migrant Indian workers

22/2/2012 - The migrant Indian workers in the UAE can expect a revised pay scale soon, with the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs planning a revision in the 25-year old minimum wage policy.

New sponsorship guideline for skilled workers

31/1/2011 - According to the latest Labour Ministry regulation, skilled workers in the UAE, swapping sponsors under the new visa rule, will have to receive the same wages, or their labour cards will be cancelled.

Highest restaurant in the world- At.mosphere, now in Burj Khalifa

24/1/2011 - Highest restaurant, has been unveiled in the worlds tallest building in Dubai, Burj Khalifa.

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