Thursday, January 29, 2015

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Latest Dubai News

UAE, home to wealthiest expatriates in the world

8/9/2010 - UAE is home to few of the wealthiest expatriates in the world, with about 20 percent of UAE expatriates earning more than $250,000 (Dh.

Dubai tops the region in attracting Foreign Direct Investments

8/9/2010 - Dubai is still the topmost in the region to draw maximum foreign direct investments, despite the impact of global economic crisis, as per the survey by Foreign Investment Office (FIO) of Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED).

Sharjah losing out its tenants to Dubai

2/9/2010 - Frustrated with growing power outages and infrastructure woes, the residents in Sharjah are opting to move out of the emirate, to take advantage of the dropping rentals in Dubai, the Gulf News reported.

Dubai likely to be world cargo transportation hub

31/8/2010 - Dubai has the potential to be one of the world centroid of air cargo transportation, with the launch of cargo operations at the Al Maktoum International Airport, said a lead expert in Dubai.

Reel Cinemas - Largest Cineplex opens doors to public

31/8/2010 - Largest Cineplex in Dubai, Reel Cinemas, was unveiled last week, with more than 10,000 movie goers having already visited the place during its first week of opening.

No new housing fee charged: Dubai Municipality

30/8/2010 - The Dubai Municipality has denied imposing any new housing fees, and has re-iterated that there is a housing fee charged, which is five percent of the rental value of the unit leased or owned by expatriates, and no new fees has been included.

EIDA to implement new ID card renewal system

26/8/2010 - A top official at the Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA) has announced that all national identity card holders can soon renew their cards at certified typing centers, thereby reducing the need to visit the registration centers.

New online service by DNRD aims to reduce visa scams

24/8/2010 - Visitors to Dubai can be relieved, as it is now the duty of the airlines using the emirates airports to verify the validity of entry permits before issuing any ticket.

New medical test rules for expatriate workers in UAE

20/8/2010 - The Ministry of Health in UAE has announced that new expatriate workers found to have Hepatitis B when undergoing medical test, will not be deported, but will be given treatment.

UAE salaries likely to be the lowest in Gulf

17/8/2010 - A rise in living costs can imply that workers in the UAE will see a more modest real income growth, following a decade of growth in salaries, a new study has revealed.

UAE decides to adopt Metric system of measurement

17/8/2010 - The UAE has established a national committee to streamline the move to metric system of measurement, and this has reflected itself in all official and business transactions in the country, particularly in the real estate sector.

Dubai Residency Department offers better services to public

13/8/2010 - Aiming to offer better services to the public, the Dubai Residency Department has looked into cases of thousands or more people this year.

UAE job market appears rosy again

12/8/2010 - The UAE job market seems to be bouncing back, as more than half of the country’s employers agreed that they plan to recruit during the coming months, revealed a new survey.

New system in Dubai aims to banish use of fake passports

9/8/2010 - Dubai Immigration officials are planning to implement a new system that could completely eliminate the possibility of using fake and forged passports to enter the UAE.

First legal shared accommodation in Dubai, bachelors only, ready to rent

9/8/2010 - Salwan Property Management, the Dubai-based real estate firm, has begun renting out the first legal shared accommodation for bachelors.

Dubai Municipality warns residents on tenancy contract registrations

9/8/2010 - The Dubai Municipality will charge a housing fee based on RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Agency) Rental Index from residents who fail to register their tenancy contract with the civic body, it has been announced.

Emirates Identity Card to be mandated for renewal of residency visas

5/8/2010 - The Emirates Identity Card will be required for residents to renew their residency visas in the UAE, disclosed a senior official at the Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA).

UAE back to hiring mode

3/8/2010 - Several sectors in the UAE are back to hiring mode, say recruitment experts.

New Dubai Airport likely to implement one-stop check-in system

3/8/2010 - Dubai World Central – Al Maktoum International, which is all set to be the worlds largest airport, may use one-stop processing for easy and quick boarding and exit of passengers into the aircraft.

Dubai permits rent payments through credit cards

27/7/2010 - Dubai real estate market has announced the unique concept of making rent payments through credit cards.

Deadline announced for collection of ID cards

27/7/2010 - About 6,200 residents in the UAE are yet to collect their ID cards, following completion of registration process, a senior official at the EIDA (Emirates Identity Authority) announced.

No residence visa renewal for defaulting expatriates

26/7/2010 - The residency departments will not renew the residence visas of expats if they required by the police for any final obligations, announced officials at the Interior Ministry.

Dubai Duty Free retains its top position for second successive year

26/7/2010 - Dubai Duty Free has recorded total sales of $1.

New middle-income rental housing policy in Abu Dhabi

26/7/2010 - The Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council (UPC) has stipulated that the middle income units in the multi-unit residential buildings in Abu Dhabi should be rented out for a minimum period of 10 years.