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Failure to register for National ID cards will attract fines

24/8/2011 - The Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA) announced that it is likely to implement the latest government decision which permits the authority to collect fines from residents failing to register for the National ID card and population register.

Eid celebrations and activities in Dubai

24/8/2011 - A series of fun-filled activities and entertainment is being offered to Dubai residents this Eid by the Dubai Events and Promotions Establishment (DEPE).

New online recruitment system to be implemented for hiring Indian workers

19/8/2011 - An online system for ensuring transparent recruitment procedures for skilled and unskilled Indian workers will be effective from September 2011, announced M K Lokesh, the Indian Ambassador to the UAE.

British tourists form majority of spenders in the UAE

16/8/2011 - The British tourists are among the biggest spenders in the UAE, according to latest tourist outlook report by Visa.

Al Majaz Waterfront Area will be opened to public soon

12/8/2011 - The redeveloped Al Majaz Waterfront Area will open to public by the end of the year, revealed Shurooq (Sharjah Investment and Development Authority).

Abu Dhabi Municipality bans temporary accommodations at work sites

10/8/2011 - The Abu Dhabi Municipality has banned issuance of permits for temporary accommodation of workers at construction sites, except in cases of major development and government projects, a senior official announced.

Special initiative underway to protect all modern iconic buildings in Abu Dhabi

8/8/2011 - The Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage (ADACH) has launched a special initiative for protecting all modern buildings in the emirate.

Federal law for foreign investor ownerships to be implemented this year

8/8/2011 -

The Federal Cabinet has been granted the right to set a percentage for foreign investors for all projects within the UAE, revealed Mohammad Saleh Shelwah, the Assistant Undersecretary for Economic Policies Affairs, Ministry of Economy.

Al Salam tunnel to be ready by the end of 2011

25/7/2011 - The longest traffic tunnel in Middle East, currently under construction in Abu Dhabi will be ready for official launch by end of this year.

Biggest Mosque in Dubai will open to public this week

19/7/2011 - Biggest Mosque in Dubai, namely the Blue Mosque, will be unveiled on Friday, the 29th July, just a few days before the onset of the Holy month of Ramadan.

Etihad Rail awards railway contract to link major UAE cities

4/7/2011 - Etihad Rail has awarded major Dh40bn railway project contract to PCM Strescon Overseas Ventures Limited, aimed to link major towns and cities within UAE.

Abu Dhabi Summer Festival 2011 draws good visitor turnout

4/7/2011 - Nearly 10,000 visitors are expected to throng the Abu Dhabi Summer Festival, which opened doors last week, revealed a top official at the Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority (ADTA).

Labour Card, work permit cancellations only at Tasheel branches

4/7/2011 - Beginning today, cancellation of labour cards and work permits will be done only at Tasheel branches, rather than at the Labour Ministry offices, it has been announced.

End of service benefit to be calculated on basis of total salary

27/6/2011 - As per the latest regulation by the Dubai Court of Cassation, the end of service benefit of a worker should be calculated with respect to his total salary, and not on the basis of just the basic payment.

Fall in housing rents in Dubai, Sharjah

27/6/2011 - Residential rents in Sharjah may decline further this summer, owing to increased competition among property companies and landlords, although the drop in rents may be less than that of last year, say experts.

New regulation mandates all UAE travellers to declare cash

20/6/2011 - Beginning September this year, Dubai travellers, leaving the UAE, will have to declare huge sums of money as part of crackdown against money laundering, announced senior officials of the Central Bank yesterday.

UAE Investment Map for international investors

20/6/2011 - The Ministry of Economy in the UAE has announced the launch of UAE Investment Map, which highlights the best opportunities for global investors in the country.

Dubai RTA recommends 1-year provisional licensing system for novice drivers

13/6/2011 - The Dubai RTA (Road and Transports Authority) has proposed to the Ministry of Interior (MoI) to consider the possibility of adopting the provisional licensing system, which involves issuance of a temporary one-year driving license during the first three years, when licensing drivers below 21-years of age.

Dubai, among top ten tourist destinations in 2011

6/6/2011 - Dubai will welcome nearly 8million international tourists in 2011, with the emirate being ranked the 9th place in terms of visitor arrivals out of 132 cities across the world, as per the latest study report by MasterCard.

Dh 22bn worth expansion plans announced for Dubai Airports

6/6/2011 -

The eleventh edition of the Airport Show 2011, concluded last week, with additional announcement about huge investments towards development of airports equipped with latest technology and advanced solutions.

Unified e-link system for labour, interior ministries saves time, money

30/5/2011 - A senior official at the Labour Ministry, last week revealed that the UAE cancels nearly 1million work permits annually.

Common driving license system for GCC nations proposed

30/5/2011 - The latest three-day conference of directors of traffic departments from GCC nations, held at Abu Dhabi, have agreed on the introduction of a common driving license system in the GCC.

Cost of living surpasses average salary growth in MENA

26/5/2011 - The cost of living in MENA (Middle East North Africa) region has grown by 24.

UAE to mandate metric system as legal unit of measurement

25/5/2011 - Effective 11th November 2011, the UAE will implement the International System of Units (SI), replacing metres in place of feet, inches and yards, it has been announced.

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