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Dubai had been a magnet for tourist attraction as it has been successfully providing all the facilities a tourist need for a perfect trip. The tourism industry has brought millions of foreign investment into the country and has given Dubai a new status on the map of the world. But the locals are never neglected because the government in Dubai had been shelving out initiatives after initiatives to better this very country. From quite a long time back, there was an opinion that the Middle East lacked in good quality education, especially when universities and training institutes are to be considered. Thus, in order to promote high quality education in the regional area, Dubai Knowledge Village project was launched in 2003.

Dubai Knowledge Village, also known as KV or DKV, is basically a free trade zone where the main focus is on the promotion of educational organizations. Whether they are educational related companies providing consultancy to the universities or any training institutes, you will find everything related to education in Dubai Knowledge Village. Even though the project is only seven years old, it has received a lot of appreciation and recognition.

Some of the most famous universities from Belgium, Canada, Iran, India, Pakistan, Ireland, UK, Russia and Australia have established a separate branch in the Dubai Knowledge Village. Students with different nationalities get a chance to gain international exposure with the best learning environment they can ever dream for. In September 2007, it was reported that Dubai Knowledge Village has almost four hundred and fifty companies working there and making best efforts to provide the best educational facilities to the future generation of the world. The facilities provided are of the best quality and students love the overall atmosphere.

Gone are the days when people use to send their children to UK, USA and many other European countries just because the educational facilities are very limited in Dubai. This does not mean that DKV has the same status as Oxford, Cambridge and Harvard, but that time is not far away as well. Studying in the DKV is no doubt a viable option if you wish to pursue a good education.

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  • Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology
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