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Academic year and school hours in Dubai and Sharjah

The school day in the UAE usually starts between 0700 and 0800hrs and ends between 1400 and 1500hrs, with a standard lunch break. The Kindergarten and primary students will have a shorter day. The extra-curricular activities run until late in the afternoon.

As for the school calendar year, it is approximately divided as given below, with slight variation from year to year and school to school.

Autumn Term – 8th September to 12th December

Spring Term – 5th January to 27th March

Summer Term – 7th April to 26th June

The school calendar will have an approximate of 172 working days for students and 185 working days for teachers. Parent-Teacher meetings are held after every term.

Although, the annual holidays are subjective to change from year to year, the general public holidays are common for all schools.

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