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Schools, Colleges and Universities in Dubai and Sharjah

Education in Dubai can be divided into three levels – primary, secondary and collegiate education. There are several public schools and private schools for boys and girls catering to both national and expatriate students. The public schools follow Arabic, with English as second language for their medium of instruction, while majority of the private schools have English as their medium of instruction.

Dubai has plenty of primary and secondary schools to choose from. But, the best way to decide on a school is to check with experts, or friends or colleagues living in Dubai. However, there are few restrictions in UAE that one needs to be aware of, before enrolling their children in the UAE schools. For instance, once an admission has been granted for the child in a particular school, it is not subjective to change during the academic year, provided, the approval is given by Education Ministry, and under special circumstances.

List of Schools in Dubai and Sharjah

List of Universities and Colleges in Dubai and Sharjah

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