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The first Nando's, an Afro-Portuguese chain of restaurants, was launched in Dubai in September 2002. Nando's is now the fastest growing chain of fast food restaurants in the UAE.

Nando's is known for its fresh chicken dishes, their variety of marinades and sauces, all made from the secret peri-peri recipes passed on through generations of Portuguese settlers in Africa. Salads, bean burgers, chips and coleslaw are among the other dishes provided as well.

The story of the popular Nando's Peri-Peri is hand-painted on the central pillar of the Nando's restaurant at the Marina. This location is a great place to enjoy the unique architecture and colorful interior design of Nando's heritage. Get a sense of the overwhelming feeling of sailing across blue waters as an explorer, while enjoying the scenic view of the towering skyscrapers in Dubai.

The Nando's at the Marina Promenade is also an ideal place to spend a relaxing evening with family and friends, and let your taste buds enjoy the juicy peri-peri chicken.

The food at Nando's is made by choosing only the most succulent of chicken available and trimming all of the excess fat, before marinating them in a traditional Nando’s Peri-Peri flavour. Nando's chicken is flame-grilled, never deep-fried, and available in a range of peri-peri flavours like mild, hot, or extra-hot Peri-Peri or lemon and herb, of course, all cooked to golden perfection.

Today, there are several Nando's outlets across the world, with the peri-peri delights inspiring those of varied lifestyles and diverse cultures.

Nandos Dubai Locations

Nando's outlets in Dubai

  • Nando's - Sheikh Zayed Road
    Saeed Tower 2, Sheikh Zayed Road
    Tel: + 971 (4) 321 2000
  • Nando's - Dubai Marina
    Trident Marinascape, Dubai Marina Walk
    Tel: + 971 (4) 4541404
  • Nando's - The Greens
    Tel: + 971 4 360 8080
  • Nando's Al Wasl
    P.O.Box: 53766, Dubai
    Delivery : 600542525
  • Nando's Satwa
    Tel: + 971 4 3212000
  • Nando's Deira
    P.O.Box: 53766, Dubai
    Tel: +971 4 2211992
  • Nando's Downtown Burj Khalifa
    Lower Ground; Cafe Court, Dubai Mall, Downtown Dubai
    Tel: +971 4 4340190
  • Nando's Mirdiff
    P.O.Box: 53766, Dubai
    Tel: +971 4 2845678
  • Nando's Trade Centre
    P.O.Box: 53766, Dubai
    Tel: +971 4 3212000

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