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List of fast food chain restaurants in Dubai. Click on the title to view location details and timings.

  • McDonald's Locations in Dubai

    McDonald's at locations such as Al Nasr Square, Al Garhoud, Al Hassa, Al Wal Road, Dubai Media City, Jebel Ali ENOC, Dubai Media City, Jumeirah Beach Road, Sheikh Zayed Road Al Mousa, Spinneys Trade Center Road, The Gardens ENOC, all serve breakfast from 0500-1100.

  • Starbucks Locations in Dubai

    All in all, Starbucks Coffee shops are a great place to meet a friend, or just enjoy the jazzy background music and sit back sipping the Starbucks delights such as caramel macchiato, rich hot chocolate, or variations of cappuccinos, lattes and coffee drinks.

  • Burger King Locations in Dubai

    Burger Kings around the region are committed to serving their guests with great-tasting sandwiches, personalized to meet individual tastes and preferences. All the Burger King beef and chicken patties in the region are 100percent Halal and the products that go into it are fresh and locally sourced.

  • KFC Locations in Dubai

    The KFC food is 100percent Halal, complying with Islamic Law or Shariah. All imported products are certified Halal by the Islamic authorities in the source country, so as to meet and comply with the legislation of Islamic nations where only Halal products are permitted for import.

  • Nando's Outlets in Dubai

    The first Nando's, the Afro-Portuguese chain of restaurants, was launched in Dubai in September 2002. Nando's is now the fastest growing chain of fast food restaurants in the UAE.

  • Subway Locations in Dubai

    Ever-since the first store was opened in Bahrain in 1984, the Subway chain has flourished in the Middle East region and the chain continued to grow at a healthy and rapid rate. The company aims to open atleast 1000 stores in the Middle East and Africa region by the year 2015, to meet the growing demand of the people here.

  • Pizza Hut Locations in Dubai

    Unlike other fast food restaurants, Pizza Hut has several formats, ranging from real family restaurant, to Pizza Hut Express, which is exactly in the take away style. In Dubai, there are Pizza Hut restaurants in several locations, yet, takeaway is more popular here. Pizza Hut is one of the most popular and the first major brands to be imported in the UAE.

  • Hardee's Locations in Dubai

    The innovative menu strategy of Hardee’s focuses on 100% Black Angus Beef Thickburger line, Hand-scooped Ice Cream Shakes and Malts, or Made from Scratch Biscuits.

  • Charley's Grilled Subs Locations Dubai

    At Charley’s Grilled Subs, diners get to enjoy high quality quick service, with premium foods being served by attentive staff, in a comfortable environment. Every meal is prepared to suit the exact specifications of the customer, with the order being readied right in front of them.

  • New York Fries Locations in Dubai

    The typical NWF menu comprises classic fries, poutine, braised beef poutine, butter chicken poutine,The Works, veggie works and hot dog.

  • Papa John's Locations in Dubai

    Papa John's was the one of the first major pizza chains to include garlic butter dipping sauce, and peperoncini pepper, an Italian spice, with every original pan pizza.

  • Wendy's Locations in Dubai

    The Wendy's menu mainly consists of hamburgers, French fries, chicken sandwiches, and beverages. Wendy’s is unique, as it offers square burger patties (which includes fresh ground beef rather than frozen patties), and this makes its sandwiches unique.

  • ChicKing Locations in Dubai

    ChicKing is among the favourite destination for many, due to its popular tasty, crunchy fried chicken serving, not only in Dubai, but across various countries. ChicKing, therefore, has a prominent growing customer base across the globe, as the brand is now associated with foremost principles of the group. ChicKing is considered to be a perfect family dining destination.

  • Japanese Sushi Restaurants in Dubai

    List of Sushi Restaurants in Dubai - Zuma Dubai, Nobu Dubai, Kisaku Dubai, Kiku Dubai, Bentoya Dubai, Miyako Hyatt Regency, Creek side Sushi,Sumo Sushi, Yakitori Dubai and more.

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