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Here is thedining guide Dubai to help you to go through the maze of all the diverse foods and beverages that you will encounter in Dubai whether you are in a restaurant, café or bar. Dubai offers cuisines from all over the world in well appointed décor and combined with great service.

Unlike most of the other tourist locations in the world, Dubai does not permit the serving of alcohol except in restaurants are located inside hotels. So if you follow the Dining Guide Dubai and you need a gargle then make sure you are inside a hotel before you ask for anything alcoholic.

Barring that false note, the rest of Dubai has some excellent eating places and if you are in the mood then you can try out cuisine from places like Italy, Spain, Sweden, and China, besides the obvious choice between Gulf, Middle Eastern, and Arabian food.

Most restaurants in Dubai are listed as belonging to one of five categories though this distinction is sometimes misleading. The five categories are Gastronomic, Business, Trendy, Budget, and Personal Recommendation.

Making reservations is a normal thing in Dubai, especially if the restaurant happens to be a famous one. While making reservations you have to give some proof of identity like your social security number or your credit card number. This particular rule is applicable only to a few of the more trendy restaurants. It is also wise to check on the applicable dress code if any.

Eating in Dubai is generously mixed with conversation, which is why meals take a long time to finish as people eat slowly and talk a lot. Do not rush things when eating in company at a Dubai eatery lest you finish your own platter and then have to watch the other party go slowly and feel uncomfortable at having to eat alone. This can be difficult if you are not used to it but not trying is certainly bad manners.

General rules of etiquette should be followed, like not slurping any liquid like soup or chewing with your mouth open, or talking with food in your mouth. There are no special rules to dining in Dubai except for the most obvious ones like keeping your manners, being courteous and attentive (especially if you are the host), and trying to keep the whole thing from becoming just consumption for calories sake kind of horror proceeding.

Enjoy dining in Dubai.

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