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Salik Road Toll System in Dubai

Salik, which means ‘open’ or ‘clear’ in the Arabic language, is an innovative electronically controlled open road tolling system which began operations in July 2007. It was introduced with the aim of reducing traffic congestion along the main roads in Dubai, like the Sheikh Zayed Road, which liks the commercial districts inthe city.

Salik Operations

Salik Toll in Dubai

The free flow tolling system operates at highway speeds with no plazas, gates or other impediments to traffic flow. Salik uses the latest technology in electronics to realize the free flow of its traffic operations and has no physical toll collectors, or toll booths, to obstruct its free traffic flow. The system permits free vehicle movement through the tolling points at highways with rapidity.

A unique feature of salik is that it is maintained completely above the road from walkways inside the cladded gantries, and hence requires no road closures for maintenance purposes. Salik also features world’s widest Open Road Tolling Zone at 40.3mts spanning 7 ORTs in a single direction.

As Salik participation is mandatory, the fleet accounts are large. Fleets that require sticker tags are taxi, car rentals, couriers, leases, commercial delivery and buses. The rollout included fleet workshops, dedicated fleet teams and customized web tools.

Dubai has walk-in Customer Service Centre locations throughout the city, and 200 customer service representatives offer services in Arabic and English. Customers can open salik accounts by walking in to customer service centers, retail partners, through mail or via the internet. Salik also has several project firsts to its credit, such as world’s first open road tolling zone covering 7 lanes in a single direction, longest open road tolling gantry at 40.3m, world’s first CDM/ATM replenishment, world’s first SMS customer notifications, world’s first 100% retail tag distribution, world’s first 870 MHz frequency-based toll system and an industry model for fast track completion and opening of the system.

Salik Tag

The heart of the salik system is the Salik tag, which is attached to the vehicle windshield. It uses the latest Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to positively identify the vehicle as it passes along the Salik tolling point. The windshield sticker tags are sold at multiple venues, and more than 700,000 tags were issued within a span of one month of the opening, and at least 1.3million sticker tags are in use in Dubai at present.

Salik Tag operates with no batteries or moving parts and hence, should last for the lifetime of your windshield. However, when selling your vehicle, remember to remove your Salik Tag to avoid being charged for the trips of the new owner.

Salik tag works in all weather conditions and vehicle speeds, and offers highly accurate and reliable method of identifying your vehicle. Salik tag should be attached to your windshield to allow it to operate and when attached, it cannot be removed without damaging it, so the tag cannot be moved from one vehicle to another.

Opening a Salik road toll account

  • Motorists can open a Salik account at any of the branches of Emirates Banks or Dubai Islamic Bank, ENOC, Emirate Petrol Stations and EPCO in Dubai.
  • Fill in an application form to open a Salik account. The application is also available online at the Salik website (www.salik.ae).
  • A salik tag needs to be obtained first. For this, submit a photocopy of your car registration and pay Dh.100 money at any of the centres mentioned above (Dh.50 is for the tag and Dh.50 is the prepaid toll balance added to Sailk account). In case you own more than one car, you can register them on the same account, but you will need to purchase additional tags for each car.
  • Providing your mobile number is a must, as Salik can send you a text message or sms with your account number, and when your credit is running low.
  • Stick the tag carefully on your windscreen following the instructions in the Salik package, or visit the website www.salik.ae (for BMW, Mercedes, Range Rover, and Rolls Royce Phantom owners) for finding the correct location of Salik tag, or call 800-SALIK (72545).
  • Finally, Salik/RTA will send a PIN and account number to your mobile phone for online access.
  • When the credit in salik account runs low, you will be sent an sms reminder for top up.

Salik operations

There are six tolling points in Dubai:

  • Al Safa toll gate
  • Al Barsha toll gate
  • Al Garhoud Bridge toll gate (Al Garhood)
  • Al Maktoum Bridge toll gate (Al Maktoom)
  • Al Mamzar toll gate (Al Mumzar)
  • Airport Tunnel toll gate

Each time you pass through a Salik tolling point, your vehicle will be identified using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology built into your Salik sticker tag. The system identifies your vehicle through communication with the small Salik sticker tag affixed to your wind shield. The toll of Dh.4 will be deducted from your prepaid toll account. In case of toll gates such as Al Mamzar, Beirut Street (Airport Tunnel) the toll of Dh.4 will be deducted only once from your prepaid toll account.

Revenue Collection

The Salik toll system charges the drivers based on a toll fee on entry/exit they use on the highway. Until recently, there was a daily Salik cap of Dh.24 or six trips which has been in place since the introduction of toll system in Dubai in 2007, has been abolished effective 15th July 2013 by the RTA. Therefore, people using Salik toll gates more than six times a day will be charged for all their trips henceforth.

Further, from mid January 2013, Salik toll charges are being automatically added to Dubai taxi fares, as taxis were earlier exempted from salik tolls.

Payment/Recharge methods

Salik Recharge Card

The Salik Recharge Card is an easy and simple way of instantly recharging a Salik Account. To recharge, scratch off the film on the back of your salik recharge card so as to expose the unique 12 digit number, and then choose the recharge method that best suits your need.

Phone Salik

Call 800-SALIK (72545), choose the preferred language select option, and follow instructions. In the end, you will receive a verification message confirming your new account balance.

SMS Salik

Type R*Recharge Card No*Salik Account No.*Salik PIN and send it to 5959. You will receive a confirmation message from your phone provider indicating successful transaction. Then, you will receive a confirmation message from Salik confirming your account recharge.

Online recharge

Log on to your account, click on recharge and select the salik recharge option. Enter the 12 digit number on the back of your recharge card in the screen provided and click send. Your new account balance will be displayed on screen along with receipt number. The online recharge also allows you to recharge for your friend if required, provided you enter your friend’s account number and PIN and the 12 digit Salik recharge card number.

Credit cards/ePay

Salik offers a seamless link to the ePay gateway allowing customers to recharge their Salik accounts using their credit cards. ePay is the centralized, integrated and secure payment gateway developed by Dubai eGovernment for individuals and businesses to pay for their government transactions such as Salik, in a secure environment. To use ePay, you will have to first log in to your Salik Online Account.


Salik offers a gateway to mPay to allow using the convenience of your credit card to recharge your Salik account through your registered mobile phone. mPay is an online payment option introduced by Dubai eGovernment to allow customers to pay all related bills and fee of the Dubai Government, including Salik, without having to visit multiple websites. To use this service, you will require to open an mPay account.

Violation Management

The salik website has a section for violation management, wherein, you can search for violations, if any, against your vehicle registration information. It gives you the option to dispute them. When the results are displayed, one or more violations can be submitted for dispute. Salik violations can also be disputed through any of the salik customer service centres or RTA customer service centres or through the RTA website www.rta.ae.

To dispute about Salik violations, ensure that you provide certain documents such as list of fines to be disputed, payment receipt for paid violations, car registration card and valid ID. The period to object about salik violations should not exceed 120 days from date of first violation. Salik completes all dispute investigations within 15 working days of submission.

If you drive through a Salik toll gate with low credit on your salik account, you will receive an SMS reminder to top it up. However, if you do not recharge the card in two working days and drive through the toll point again, the fine is Dh.50.

To check your balance, call 800-72545 or log on to Salik website. But, you cannot pay fines online from the RTA portal. However, fines can also be paid at Dubai Police traffic department, it is said. To recharge, use any of the recharge methods mentioned above. The other alternatives are to recharge credit at EPPCO, ENOC or EMARAT petrol stations, or at the Emirates Bank or Dubai Islamic Bank.

If you pass through a Salik toll gate without a Salik tag on your vehicle, you should purchase a tag within 10 days to open a Salik account, or add new tag to your existing account. Failure to do so, can attract a fine of Dh.100 for first time, Dh.200 for second time and Dh.400 for every time thereafter when you pass through the gate.

Violations should be paid before vehicles can be registered or sold. The license plate recognition software enables reducing the number of images sent for manual review before and after implementation, and for reducing errors of wrong identifications.

More Salik information

  • Your car rentals may charge you 10 to 25 percent administrative fee.
  • As of now, vehicles exempted from salik toll charges are Public and School buses, police and military vehicles, ambulances and vehicles for special need institutes.
  • If you are selling your car, cancellation charge of Dh.10 is charged, and no refund of any leftover credit is given.
  • Fines can range from Dh.50 to Dh.10,000 depending on the offence

Salik at a glance

  • Salik is a road toll system introduced to ease traffic in 2007
  • There are six Salik gates in Dubai – Al Barsha, Al Garhoud Bridge, Al Safa, Al Maktoum Bridge, Al Mamzar and Airport Tunnel.
  • A toll of Dh.4 is charged per trip
  • Salik subscription costs Dh.100 per tag.
  • As for fines, Dh.50 is charged for passing through Salik gate without sufficient balance in account, Dh.100 is fined for passing through Salik gate without a tag and Dh.10 is charged per month for delay in payment of fines.
  • Salik account can be topped up through phone banking, recharge cards, online, through SMS, ePay or mPay.
  • For all details, please visit the website http://www.salik.gov.ae/.