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There are Internet scams, bank scams, sweepstakes scams; why shouldn’t there be jobs scams in Dubai? Don’t be taken in by job seeker websites. Even if you’re an intelligent person, you can fall victim to these scams. Picture yourself surfing the net looking for employment in Dubai. You run across an extremely well put together site which offers dream jobs such as engineer, accountant or human resources manager. This must be your lucky day. You take the time to register with the site, filling out all necessary forms and upload your resume. All that’s left to do is press ‘send’… So you do.

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Lo and behold a couple of days later, you get a very positive sounding response in the mail. So positive is this letter that you are all but assured the job for which you applied. There’s only one thing left to do. Due to their success in finding you employment in Dubai, they would like you to relinquish a small fee for services rendered. The possibility exists that the website might actually promise you this employment position with the fulfillment of that required fee. Get out your magnifying glass and your Sherlock Holmes get up because this needs to be investigated further. Start by reading the fine print; you may see something on the lines of 'this offer to be honored after a period of six months'… If at all.

When no fine print is visible, the suspicion that anyone who asks you for money when it’s your services that are being offered needs to be investigated and that will serve you well. Very seldom do you receive anything from these offers of any worth.

Dubai cannot be blamed for this unfortunate occurrence as it is being done all over the world. But now you’ve been informed, so you know one of the things to watch out for.

Possibly, the problem is that many simply don’t understand the actual part played by employment agencies (or recruitment agencies). They, themselves, are not the employers; rather, they work for the employers that you seek. It is the employer that pays the recruitment agencies should they successfully supply the employer with the employee that they seek. In the world of recruiters, employers and job seekers, there is no exception to this rule; at least not in Dubai.

Putting yourself out there by placing a job wanted ad can attract scammers as well. They will call or email you, speak with you intelligently for a while, tell you that they think they’ve got just the position you’re looking for and you wrap up the call thinking that fate has smiled upon you. Unfortunately, eventually they ask you for money. End of call. Hang up.

Scammers make their living off the desperate for hire. You’ve heard the old adage ‘if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is’; unfortunately when it comes to scammers, that’s exactly the way you have to view their offers. If you’re considering moving to Dubai, know ahead of time that jobs are won or lost by negotiating with your potential employer. Don’t be afraid of this, just go in knowing what you’re doing and letting it show.

Never, ever give someone else money for hiring you. If they want you, here’s the rule, they pay you (not the other way around).


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