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UAE residents unsure about job stability and new jobs in the market

Majority of residents in the UAE are hoping an improvement in the economy, although several of them still believe that it may not translate into an increase in jobs within the market, reveals the quarterly MENA Consumer Confidence Index Survey by

The findings in this online portal indicate that nearly 46percent of UAE respondents are of the opinion that the economy of UAE will improve within months, but this many not necessarily mean a rise in job numbers.

Only 35percent of the respondents agreed about possibility of availability of more jobs within a year, while 51% are of the opinion that the number of jobs may remain the same or there may be fewer jobs in the market.

During the forthcoming quarter, 26percent were pessimistic about their companies increasing the headcount, while another 36percent revealed a neutral outlook on this issue. Another 21percent said that they expect a positive growth with their companies looking to recruit new people.

Currently 39percent of respondents revealed that their present situation in the UAE remains the same, while another 29percent feel that their financial situation may worsen. Only another 26percent have expressed that things may take a positive turn and that they may be in a better financial state.

Meanwhile, experts in leading recruitment firms across the UAE said that they have seen an improvement during the first half of the year, in comparison to that of the same period last year. Several head-hunters across the emirate said that there have been job increases in the rate 5 to 15percent in the country during first half of the year.

However, residents are expressing negative sentiments, out of the feeling that global economy may be heading towards another recession phase. UAE employees are not sure about their job stability with the economic affairs getting tougher in the euro zone.

Posted on 12/10/2011

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