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Emirates Airline to conduct 77 recruitment fairs across the globe

The Dubai-based Emirates Airline is on a global hiring spree to attract international talent, and will hold 77 job fairs across the globe, it has been announced.

The Emirates Airline plans to expand its fleet, and has therefore announced that it plans to hire 4000 cabin crews to meet the requirements of its expansions.

Emirates has ordered for 90 A380 Superjumbos, with each of them requiring atleast four pilots, 20 flight attendants, two washroom workers, while Boeing 777 requires 16 crew members. The carrier plans to include 16,000 flight attendants during the year through March.

The airline offers an annual salary plus hourly flying pay of $12,800, a fixed monthly cash amount, free housing, transport, annual payment from profit-sharing plan.

The jobs have been advertised online on Spotify, the music provider.

Posted on 27/8/2011

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