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UAE salary levels most competitive in the region, say experts

The salary levels in UAE are still the most competitive in the region, although UAE may not have granted double digit pay hikes in the past couple of years.

The cost of living can play a major role in determining the preference of residents over economy of one nation in comparison to another. That way, the UAE is rather competitive, as people here receive good salaries, and maintain good living standards. The other nations in the region may be more competitive in terms of salary, or lower expenses, but the quality of life is not too attractive when compared to the UAE, said Konstantina Sakellariou, Partner, Marketing & Operations Director, Stanton Chase.

The Chief Marketing Officer at, Lama Ataya, said that professionals in the Qatar and UAE are earning most competitive salaries in the region.

Their findings revealed that 42percent of professionals in the UAE, 37percent in Qatar, have stated that their monthly income varies between $3,001 and $8001, in comparison to a regional average of 18percent.

However, professionals in Qatar and Kuwait are said to have been saving the most, in comparison to other working professionals in the region.

High salary levels is not the only factor that can determine if a job market is competitive, say HR experts. The cost of living too, plays a major role in determining a professionalís preference of one economy over the other.

UAE gets a good score in this parameter, after the considerable drop in rentals over the past years, as general cost of living too is taken into consideration when one considers salary levels. Saudi Arabia and Kuwait have higher salary levels due to perceived quality of life issues for expatriates, but on the whole, when all factors are taken into consideration, the UAE is the most competitive, experts conclude.

Posted on 29/3/2011

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