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With growing number of travelers opting to travel to Dubai both for business purposes and holidays, there is increased need for travel insurance when planning a trip to Dubai. Travel insurance can cover several possible mishaps that may probably arise during travel. The visitors, in turn will feel assured that in case of any experiences such as terrorism, or need for medical attention, bankruptcy of a trip organizer, or emergency evacuation, there will be recourse.

There are several service providers both online and offline. The providers of travel insurance in Dubai also offer several policies that cater to a range of clients with varied requirements.

Among the types of policies generally offered by travel insurance providers in Dubai are:

  • Health insurance during travel and stay in Dubai
  • Accident insurance during travel and stay
  • Insurance for lost luggage during travel and stay in Dubai
  • Trip Interruption insurance
  • Trip cancellation insurance

The trip interruption insurance policies cover the expenses for returning home early in case the trip is being interrupted midway, or will be continued following delay. Most such policies also cover medical evacuation expenses, including transportation by helicopter to nearest medical services incase of any injury during events like mountain climbing. But, pre-existing conditions may not be included in these policies. Therefore, care should be taken not to aggravate chronic issues. Certain policies even cover transportation of mortal remains in case of accidental death.

Meanwhile, the trip cancellation insurance covers all pre-payment non-refundable charges until the moment of starting the trip. The policies are quite helpful when facing severe family health issues and climatic and any unseen circumstances that prevent one from taking up the trip. There are also added provisions for cancellations due to terrorist actions, and some even cover events like loss of a job or jury duty.

There is also another aspect, known as Accidental death and dismemberment insurance (AD &D Insurance), which pays the visitor or their beneficiary a lump sum benefit, in case of an accident resulting in death or loss of a limb or loss of eyesight. The three types covered under this category are Flight Accident AD&D insurance that helps only for accidents involving airplane during the coverage period, Common Carrier AD&D insurance paying benefit only for accidents involving a common carrier (any licensed water, land or air conveyance operated by those occupied in business of transportation of people without discriminate and for hire such as train, bus, airplane etc.,) during the said period, and 24 hours AD&D which benefit for accidents that occur for any reason during the coverage period.

Usually AD&D is often included with Travel Medical Insurance and Trip Protection Plans, but is sometimes sold separately, unlike baggage insurance and trip cancellation insurance.

Therefore, before booking a vacation to Dubai, do not hesitate to search for best quotes for travel insurance. In Dubai, there is the option of choosing between a single trip insurance cover or go in for an annual cover, depending on frequency of travel. Even hazardous sporting activities may be covered under your travel insurance plan, but, it is important to understand the terms and conditions of insurance plan. Travel insurance offers a comprehensive package to help travelers enjoy their trips in peaceful relaxation.

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