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Employment, Residence Visa for Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah

The Employment Visa is required on landing a job in the UAE, and is usually arranged by the employers. The formalities for obtaining the visa are fulfilled by them. The visa entitles him to be a resident in the UAE for a 3-year period and can be renewed thereafter. The employee can also arrive on a visit visa and convert it to employment or residence visa on fulfilling certain conditions.

Except for GCC citizens and UAE nationals, other nationalities will have to obtain Residence Visa to legally live in UAE. For most expatriates, the company that employs them will sponsor them for a UAE Residency Visa, along with a labour card or work permit. Residence Visa is a must to open a bank account, to obtain a driving license, register for a car and so on.

Types of Residence Visas:

Employment Visa

Employee residence visa used by majority of expatriates, wherein the employer takes care of all the paper work.

Family Residence Visa

Eligibility to sponsor spouse and children. The minimum salary requirement for residence visa sponsorship of family members is Dh.10,000 per month and the sponsor must have own accommodation (not shared).

Maid or Nanny Visa

Upon arrival in the UAE, a maid or nanny will receive a valid entry good for 30 days by which time a residence visa and work permit (labor card) must be obtained. A visit to the department of immigration is next where fees will be paid and a form filled out and stamped. The next visit will be to a hospital of the government with the documents for the application of a health card and medical tests. The card and test results should be issued within a few dates. Once the card has been received, it may still be taken back to the department of immigration along with the test results and other documents pertaining. Be sure to remember to bring the original passport for the maid or nanny with the entry permits as well as that maid or nanny themselves. There will be questions referring to payment to be put into a labor contract and will be signed by the maid herself as well as you. Lots of documents, lots of stickers and lots of standing in line will be involved. Finally her destination will be complete when you return to the counter and everything is finished up.

Property Visa

The three-year property residence visa formed a part of marketing strategy for property sales to foreigners. But issuing visas under this scheme was suspended in 2007 and 2008. In 2009 it has been replaced by 6-month multiple entry visit visa to UAE.

Relative Residence Visa

Eligible for sponsoring parents-in-law, parents, sister or brother.

Kindly note: Visa rules are subject to sudden change without warning. The UAE Embassy in your country or the Dubai Naturalisation and Residency Department (DNRD), the relevant authority in the UAE, is the only source of information that can be relied upon. The validity period for a free visit visa on arrival change often.

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